Process Optimization

Process Optimization Techniques and Programs from The PIM Group

We provide you with the tools for smart business

Our process optimization program is guaranteed to provide you with the tools and techniques you will need to successfully optimize your current processes. Our program will provide you with the knowledge, techniques and methods we have used to optimize processes with our client sites for more than 20 years.

Process Evaluation

Processes and procedures grow in complexity over time. They are developed based on the size of the business, skill sets of the employees, and tools available at the time they are developed. When business conditions change current processes are modified to support the change, rarely are they reevaluated. Our consultants can work with you on selecting your processes that have the greatest need for improvement. Once the processes have been selected together we will develop process flow charts based on your current work flows.

Training is provided to your team members on proven streamlining techniques and guidelines we have developed through our many years of experience. Guidelines such as “Justify Complexity” is often used to generate discussion in areas of the process that your team members may be resistant to change.

Together we will then develop proposed new process flow charts. Once completed the proposed processes are presented for your approval. Upon approval detailed implementation plans are developed.

Identify Waste

Learn how to identify and remove waste from a process. Learn the difference between value and non-value added steps of a process.

Process Flow Charts

Learn the different type of flow charts and develop a custom process flow chart for your organization

Become a Positive Agent for Change

Learn how to get buy-in from co-workers on process changes without stepping on anyone’s toes. Learn how to get buy-in from even from those who are resistant to change.

Pilot Test

Develop detailed pilot test plans that allow you to test the new process prior to full implementation


Develop full implementation plans that will aid you in implementing the new process. Details cover quality control documentation, policies, procedures and training aids.

Process Optimization Flow ChartProcess Objective

The first step to improving a process is to understand why it is needed in the first place. This is accomplished by defining the “Process Objective”

Simplify Techniques

Review of techniques that can be used to simplify the current process. Processes grow in complexity over time. Techniques include removing waste, simplify-combine or eliminate, and reduce cycle times.


Options available using today’s technology are presented. Often the processes in place were designed around the technology available at the time they were developed. We also review the ROI of automation and when it is good business to implement.

Analyze Activities

The next step is to take the current process and develop a process flow chart and analyze it using the new techniques and any possible automation.


The exercise allows the participants to develop a “could be” flow chart. The possible new flow is reviewed and critiqued until a final process is completed.

Implementation Plan

Upon completion of the new process a detailed implementation plan is developed and submitted for approval prior to implementation.