Physical Inventory

Inventory Management Consulting Programs from The PIM Group

Customized Phase Schedule Approach

We offer in-house training on our exclusive phase schedule approach to taking an effective Physical Inventory.

Our consulting services when used in conjunction with our onsite training services provides you with an informed sharp knowledgeable staff. PIM Group training programs are with you every step of the way. From the development of your phase schedule to the taking of your actual physical inventory.

We provide training, leave an action list and follow up with you to insure you’ll be ready. This is a hands-on process, the more you do the better you will learn your new processes. We’ll manage the physical inventory process and document all your actions through the phase schedule so you can reuse it next time.

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Onsite Seminar

The Physical Inventory Seminar was initially developed based on over 35 years of hands on experience. Sense then we have continued to enhance the material based on our consulting experience and feedback from participants.

Throughout the seminar we share our experiences with you, what we have done in the past that worked and what didn’t. What to avoid and best of all how to do it right. The taking of a physical inventory has to be done right – and we show you how.

This seminar is conducted on-site at your place of business. We modify our training materials to fit your environment. The seminar utilize breakout sessions that allow those in attendance to interact and share experiences. One of the deliverables of the seminar is the development of a detailed plan that you will use to conduct your own successful physical inventory.

The physical inventory seminar is an 8 hour seminar. Each participant receives a workbook and certificate of completion.

As with all of our seminars we know you will be satisfied with the presentation, we even guarantee it.

Consulting Options

In addition to the physical inventory seminar we offer consulting services to support you in the actual perpetration and taking of a successful physical inventory.

We work with you one on one to implement the detailed action plan developed during the physical inventory seminar. Together we assign task, provide training and are with you during the actual physical inventory. We can also work with your outside auditors both before, during and after the physical inventory.

Your Physical Inventory program will be a success when you work with The PIM Group. We have been through countless physical inventories and each and everyone has been successful.

One thing that we have noticed is that once a clients has been through a successful physical inventory they no longer require our services in this area.

no change consultation

We offer a no change consultation to assess you requirements and determine if our program will get you the results you are looking for in the time frame you need.

Contact us today by filling out our programs request form or by calling us at 603-867-1523

We look forward to the opportunity of discussing your inventory accuracy needs with you.

Physical Inventory Flow Chart ModelKick off

Holding a kick off meeting to assign responsibilities is the first step to a successful physical. Job descriptions are discussed and assigned. Internal auditors along with area leaders, counter, writers and tag control are all assigned.


This is the area that is often shortcut. This is also the area where we spend most of the time. Proper preparation and planning makes for a smoother physical inventory- plan and simple. We work with you to develop a “phase schedule”
that is used for every physical.

Day Before

A complete list of all activities required to be complete the day and night before the physical are developed. This includes activities needed to prepare the system, tags, areas and a like.

Physical Inventory

The big day, this is where the physical takes place in a controlled faction.

Analyze Results

Review of variances and other related inventory results are analyzed. Determination is made as to recounts and the coordination of the recounts with the outside and or internal auditors.


Finalize the results of the physical including report requirements and system updates.


Hold a meeting to capture the good the bad and the ugly of the recent physical. That this feedback and modify the “phase schedule” plan that will be used for the next physical.