Inventory Reduction

Inventory Management Consulting Programs from The PIM Group

Inventory hides problems in your business, it’s a fact.

We can help you find the key factors that are causing your excess inventory and improve upon them. Improvement to key processes, procedures, and policies is the fastest way of reducing your inventory.

At PIM we understand your need to reduce inventory with minimal disruptions. Regardless of the size of your inventory we will work with you to get the problem rectified as quickly as possible.

We work with you in identifying the areas with the largest opportunity for reducing inventory. Then we help you establish new priorities and inventory reduction goals. Finally we’ll work with you to follow our process flow model to get the best results for your business.

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Reduce Inventory

There are many ways to reduce inventory. Our experience has shown that the best way to reduce inventory is to first understand the reasons why you are carrying inventory in the first place. Without addressing the issues first will lead to missed shipments, excessive expediting and increased cost. We have found that by dealing with identified issues as part of the solution you will be in a position to get the optimal results.

Common issues that create excessive inventory

  1. MRP- Planning – Forecasting
  2. Economic Batch Qty’s
  3. Excessive Safety Stock Levels
  4. Poor Supplier Performance
  5. Poor Data Accuracy
  6. Poor Inventory Accuracy

These are just some of the “causes” of excessive Inventory. In most cases inventory levels are created to “cover” issues. Over time more and more inventory is added as problems arise.

Set Priorities

At PIM we work with our clients to establish inventory reduction goals and then identify and prioritize what needs done. We work with you to insure a successful reduction of inventory in the shortest time frame possible that with have the least amount of disruption on operations.

We understand the pressures of day to day operations after all we have all been accountable for the areas we consult in. Areas like inventory management, accuracy and yes reduction. We recommend solutions based on our consulting experience along without past work experience that will keep things running while getting the maximum results.

We are confident we are that we can work with you to get the desired results, we not only say it we also guarantee it.

No change consultation

We offer a no change consultation to assess you requirements and determine if our program will get you the results you are looking for in the time frame you need.

Contact us today by filling out our program request form or by calling us at 603-867-1523

We look forward to the opportunity of discussing your inventory accuracy needs with you.

Inventory Reduction Process Flow Chart ModelSet Goals

Establish you reduction goals and time period.


Review where you are in relationship to your goals.


Develop tactics to reach your goals, The methods and resources required. Obtain necessary approvals.


Develop detailed implementation plan with milestone points for management review.


Measure progress to plan.


Analyze your results and make changes as needed to insure your goals are met.

Report Results

Publish reports and results based on details within the plan. Once completed set the next inventory reduction goal and start the process all over again.