Inventory Accuracy

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Establishing a Solid Foundation

Your business can’t obtain inventory accuracy until you have established a solid foundation built on fundamentals, and backed by procedures.

Three Common business procedures that need foundations optimization are:

  1. accurate bills of materials
  2. consistent entry of stock codes
  3. neatly organized storage areas

Once your inventory procedures are based on sound practices that are repeatable, consistent and controlled you can begin saving time and money through efficiency.

A solid foundation for your business requires employee training that goes beyond telling your employees what to do. The PIM Group can develop customized employee training programs that will explain the principles behind new procedures, and explain the ramifications of executing transactions incorrectly.

Formal training is based on proven techniques and over 20 years of experience, when properly implemented you’ll achieve improved results and vast savings of both time and money. During our consultation you’ll be able to use breakout sessions to develop your new process flow charts, procedures, and implementation time lines. At the end of your training session you’ll have a new list of improvements that will enhance your record accuracy along with a full long-term implementation plan.

Your consulting expert will work with you in the implementation of the changes you identify. When you use The PIM Group services for implementation it reduces your implementation time line while improving your final results.

Learn more about each part of the process by clicking the tabs below:

Onsite Seminar

Our first Inventory Accuracy Seminar was developed over 20 years ago. It is based on our education and actual experience. The materials have been continually enhanced based on our consulting and feedback from participants. All together this seminar has over 35 years of knowledge.

All through out the seminar we share our experiences with you, what we have done in the past that worked and what didn’t. What to avoid and best of all how to do it right. We share with you the fastest way to get improvements in inventory accuracy as well as methods to get long term benefits as well.

This seminar is conducted on-site at your place of business. We modify our training materials to fit your environment. The seminar utilizes breakout sessions that allow those in attendance to interact and share experiences. One of the deliverables of the seminar is the development of a detailed plan that you will use to implement changes within your place of business that will improve inventory accuracy.

The inventory accuracy seminar is an 8 hour seminar. Each participant receives a workbook and certificate of completion.

As with all of our seminars we know you will be satisfied with the presentation, we even guarantee it.

Consulting Options

In addition to the inventory accuracy seminar we offer consulting services to support you in the implementation of change within the organization. Changes that you identified during the seminar that will result in improved inventory accuracy.

We work with you one on one to review and implement the detailed action plan you developed during the inventory accuracy seminar. Together we establish goals, assign task, provide training, monitor and report results. This process will insure each process or procedure that is changed is not only successful but gets the results you need.

You can rest assured that your program will be successful. After all we have been doing this for about 35 years, 20 of which was through jobs we have held in operations management and over 15 in consulting.

no change consultation

We offer a no change consultation to assess you requirements and determine if our program will get you the results you are looking for in the time frame you need.

Contact us today by filling out our program request form or by calling us at 603-867-1523

We look forward to the opportunity of discussing your inventory accuracy needs with you.

PIM Group Inventory Accuracy ProgramsFoundation

Understanding what is required to have a solid foundation to build inventory accuracy upon

Transaction Control

Control of transactions is a key element to inventory accuracy. We cover in detail how to get control of your transactions.

Process Control

Processes and procedures affect inventory accuracy. They also effect the timing of transactions which impact accuracy. We work with you in the review and development of changes to your current processes and procedures that will improve accuracy.

Training and Education

Full training and education to all employees who impact inventory accuracy is recommended. This focuses on a brief session on why inventory accuracy is so important to the organization. This is followed with training as needed on changes to procedures or transactions.

Measure and Audit

All processes are developed so that individual accountability is installed and can be audited. The key performance indicators for the critical processes are documented and measurements established.

Continuous Improvement

As with all processes and procedures continuous improvement is recommended.