Cycle Counting Program

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No Nonsense Approach to Record Accuracy

The PIM Group’s cycle counting consulting program offers a no nonsense approach to record accuracy. You count the items, determine and track the causes of errors, report results, suggest and implement changes that will improve your inventory accuracy.

The PIM Group consulting programs are designed to provide you with hands-on experience that focuses on expert training and improved results. You’ll develop an implementation plan and the PIM Group will help you make that plan a reality. You’ll be provided all the tools, techniques and knowledge needed for you to implement and run an more efficient and effective cycle count program.

Your cycle count program must be designed to improve record accuracy. You will learn the seven steps to a successful cycle count program. Then you are provided training that not only reviews what, when, and how to count but what to do next.

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Onsite Seminar

Our Cycle Counting Seminar was developed over 15 years ago. It is based on our education and actual experience. The materials have been continually enhanced based on our consulting and feedback from participants. All together this seminar has over 30 years of knowledge.

All through out the seminar we share our experiences with you, what we have done in the past that worked and what didn’t. What to avoid and best of all how to do it right. We share with you the best methods to use in your cycle count program. Methods that will improve inventory accuracy.

This seminar is conducted on-site at your place of business. We modify our training materials to fit your environment. The seminar utilize breakout sessions that allow those in attendance to interact and share experiences. One of the deliverables of the seminar is the development of a detailed plan that you will use to implement changes within your place of business that will improve your cycle count program.

The Cycle Counting seminar is an 8 hour session. Each participant receives a workbook and certificate of completion.

As with all of our seminars we know you will be satisfied with the presentation, we even guarantee it

Consulting Options

In addition to the cycle counting seminar we offer consulting services to support you in the implementation or re-implementation of your cycle count program.

We work with you one on one to review and implement the detailed action plan you developed during the cycle counting seminar. Together we establish goals, assign task, provide training, monitor and report results. This process will insure the successful implementation of your cycle count program. A program designed not only to get you immediate results but is designed to continually improve inventory accuracy for years to come.

Your PIM Group cycle counting program will be a success. After all we have been doing this for about 35 years, 20 of which was through jobs we have held in operations management and over 15 in consulting.

No change consultation

We offer a no change consultation to assess you requirements and determine if our program will get you the results you are looking for in the time frame you need.

Contact us today by filling out our program request form or by calling us at 603-867-1523.

We look forward to the opportunity of discussing your cycle counting program needs with you.

Cycle Counting Flow Chart ModelControl the Count

Development of procedures that will be used to count the items once selected. This includes proper training for employees involved with the process. Establishing of value limits for adjustment transactions is another method to control the count.


Correct counting of items where “timing of transactions” is factored into the results.

Determine Causes

Once it is determine that there is a variance, it is critical to determine what the cause of the error is. Development of cause codes is also required.

System Input

Training aids are developed to insure consistant input of the results into your system.

Publish Results

Charts and graphs are developed to reflect the results and progress of the program. Results are not just measured in value variance. Counts variances and hit miss charts and percentage of inventory errors by cause codes are a few of the other charts that will be published.

Suggest Changes

Based on the cause code report suggestions are made to improve the process or procedures that are creating the most inventory errors. Typically this flows into a continuous improvement effort.