Inventory Management

Inventory Management Consulting Programs from The PIM Group

Take control of your company inventory, NOW!

Inventory management is often viewed as the sole responsibility of materials management. The reality of it is that inventory management is the responsibility of the entire organization. Properly managed inventory reduces cost, and improves on-time deliveries while increasing the bottom line. Inventory management requires the support of upper management in order to truly succeed. The inventory management seminar training and consulting that The PIM Group provides will allow you to reach and exceed your inventory goals.

Our Inventory Management program has 4 key elements:

  1. Inventory Accuracy
  2. Physical Inventory
  3. Our no nonsense Cycle Counting program
  4. Inventory Reduction

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Apply our proven methods and we guarantee your Inventory Accuracy will improve!

Inventory accuracy must start with a solid foundation, a foundation based on proven principles and sound business practices, processes and procedures. We have devoted an entire seminar covering these areas. We will help you develop a detailed action plan, a plan that allows you to immediately strengthen the foundation and improve inventory accuracy.

We offer you a no nonsense approach to record accuracy. You start by learning how to setup a solid foundation that is supported with transaction and process controls. Follow that with employee training and education strategies. Then measure and audit the results feeding that information into a continuous improvement program.

You’ll leave the seminar with an enhanced understanding of how to improve record accuracy. You’ll learn proven techniques designed to get long-term results. You will also be provided helpful examples throughout your detailed workbook that will save you precious time. Every seminar offers several breakout sessions that are designed for you learn from each other while developing a detailed implementation plan you can use immediately.

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Fool-proof your Physical Inventory

Proper planning and managing the process is the key to a successful physical inventory.  Using our methods your physical inventories will become more organized and the results will be more accurate. We not only say that- we guarantee it.

The methods we present have been developed over the past 25 years.  They represent a blend of actual hands on and consulting experience.  We have personally coordinated over 40 Physical Inventories.

The most important thing you need to be sure of is that the physical inventory is accurate. The key to ensure accurate results is proper planning and preparation.This program offers you a structured approach to taking a physical inventory.

We’ll guide you through planning, preparing, executing, and analyzing a physical inventory. During the process you will also learn how to develop and implement a phase schedule, used to control the physical inventory process. PLUS, we’ll email you a sample phase schedule that you can immediately use to further manage the improvement of your new or current physical inventory process.

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Improve your Cycle Counting Program

Even if you already have a cycle count program, we can provide you with new strategies and processes to improve your current cycle counting process. Our program offers a no nonsense approach to record accuracy.

  • Count the items
  • Determine and track the causes of errors
  • Report results
  • Suggest changes
  • Implement continuous improvement steps for improving record accuracy

Our Cycle Counting program expertise will provide you with a solid understanding of what cycle counting is all about, why it is important and how it can be used to improve record accuracy. You’ll learn proven techniques designed to get long-term results through continuous improvement. PLUS, we’ll email you samples of the cycle count worksheets, charts and graphs developed in MS Excel that you can use immediately to help improve your current methods.

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Take control of your inventory!

First we like to discuss the reasons why you carry inventory. We break it down into three categories, You, Your Suppliers and Your Customers. Each of these areas present reasons to carry excess inventory. Once we understand these reasons we go about presenting ways to reduce or eliminate them. By doing this we can safely reduce inventory. The most common mistake we see is for businesses to attempt to reduce inventory without addressing the reasons they carry it to begin with. This leads to major problems with shipments and fill rates on orders.

There are several ways we can help you can reduce your inventory. The most common deals with improved use of your MRP system, such as sxplaining the impact of features like Order Policy, EBQ, Pan Size, Safety Stock, Lead-times and Gross requirement rules to name just a few.

Here is what makes up the core of a long term successful Inventory Program and how The PIM Group will make sure you are successful with yours:

  • We review when to use forecasting and MPS to reduce inventory. We explain in detail how MRP processes supply and demand information and how this impacts the results you get.
  • We review your relationships with your suppliers, show you how to consolidate, manage and leverage the relationships to reduce inventory through VMI, Consignments and more.
  • Determine if you should implement a KanBan system to dramatically reduce your inventory.
  • We cover the use of VMI and Consignment techniques that get immediate results.
  • Finally we cover obsolete and slow moving inventory, how to get rid of it and just as important how to keep it from building up again.

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