MRP Performance

Improve Your MRP Systems with Solutions from The PIM Group

Improved MRP Performance, are you getting the most out of your MRP system?

There are a number of possible reasons why you may not be getting the results you desire. Our extensive experience has shown that the primary reason for lower than expected results is due to the actual implementation of the system.

We have found that in most cases the person responsible for implementing the system did not work closely with you to design processes and procedures that will allow you to fully utilize the functionality and features of the new system. Instead they just show you how to do what you were doing in the new system. It is difficult to get improved performance without change.

We are certain we can help you get improved performance from your MRP system so much so that we guarantee we can identify areas where your MRP system performance will be improved or the analysis is free.

The top 8 reasons to improve your MRP system

  1. Improved on time deliveries
  2. Lower operating cost
  3. Improved inventory turns
  4. Less expediting
  5. Reduced overtime
  6. Less stress
  7. More accurate data
  8. Improved reporting

Checks and Balances keep things under control

Getting improved results from your MRP system is one thing, maintaining it is another. That is why we not only work with you to achieve the results you need, we also identify and install the checks and balances to keep it that way.

Daily – Weekly Check List

We develop a list of the primary activities that impact the results of the MRP system. All activities selected are reviewed with the individuals responsible. The frequency that the activity should be performed along with all expectations are covered in detail.


It is necessary to audit the processes and procedures that have been developed to insure compliance. Auditing insures that you are able to maintain the results you worked so hard to obtain.

MRP System Improvement Flow Chart ModelIdentify opportunities

Understanding where the current weaknesses are in the MRP process is key. Learning where the users are not using the suggestions from MRP or where they have to do extensive research aids in uncovering what is impacting your results.


Once the areas of opportunity are identified the next step is to prioritize them. Often there are many things that require attention as MRP is fully dependant on the accuracy of data.

Provide training

Training on what changes need to be made based on the items prioritized is provided. This often includes process improvements.

Data Clean Up

There is always data clean up required. Detailed action lists are developed and prioritized. These actions often require IT department support. Data accuracy is the key foundation of a MRP system.


Once the actions have been completed a pilot test is often conducted. This is usually done in a test company environment..


Once the testing is completed the revised process and process changes in other areas will be fully documented and implemented.

Follow Up

Follow up site visits are generally required to insure MRP is running successfully. The annual follow up is recommended to insure you are obtaining the most for your investment in MRP.