Rapid Operational Improvement

Rapid Operational Improvement Consulting and Seminars from The PIM Group

Start improving your business plan today!

In your business environment continuous improvement alone does not keep pace with the market place. As a result your business may find that in order to stay competitive, change needs to happen sooner rather than later. Our program is designed to deliver results to your business in weeks not months. Customized to meet your organization’s needs by providing a structured approach to rapid change.

The Rapid Operational Improvement™ program is designed to align customized business processes with your strategic plan. You’ll accomplish this through the business process review phase, during which we’ll get to know your strategic plans, goals, and objectives. PLUS we’ll analyze your current methods, processes, procedures, company structure, culture and employee skill sets.

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The top 8 reasons for Rapid Operations Improvement

  1. Shrinking Margins
  2. Processes have not changed in years
  3. More competition than in years past
  4. Employees say things like “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it”
  5. Everyone is very busy but you’re not getting results
  6. Business is growing and you can’t hire staff
  7. Recent management change
  8. Mandated by corporate

Business Process Review Flow ChartMeeting

Business Process Review begins with a meeting with upper management where the company strategic goals and objectives are understood


Based on priorities established from the management meeting key processes are analyzed and measured against their ability to meet company goals and objectives. Tactics such as Gap Analysis are used in the process.


The strategic alignment of the processes is reviewed, a report is developed and presented to management. Misalignment of process capabilities against strategic goals are presented as opportunities to the management team.


The management team prioritizes the opportunities and establishes expected time lines.

Resource Availability

A draft implementation plan is prepared based on the expected timelines. A review of available resources is made and adjustments to the plan made as required.


Working with the resources assigned to each opportunity the implementation plans are executed. During implementation the management team is kept appraised of the status of all projects.

Rapid Implementation Process Flow ChartRapid Implementation

Once the list of opportunities has been prioritized from the business process review those items selected will flow into the rapid implementation process

Steering Committee

The first step is the establishment of a steering committee. The individuals that are selected for each improvement project will receive team training.

Team Training

Team training is where we cover things like, forming, norming, storming and performing. Individuals learn what slows a team down and how to work well together.

Process Optimization

Teams receive training on how to optimize processes. The training comes from our process optimization program.

Track Progress

Milestone progress reports are submitted to the steering committee that are used to insure the teams stay on-time, on target and on budget

Report Results

Teams report the final results obtained from the implementation