Financial Management

Financial Management Seminars and Consulting from The PIM Group

Financial management is the cornerstone of any organization. We help business ensure that processes are in place to provide timely and accurate management information with effective use of human resources.

Here’s how we can help you:

  1. Ensure that Finance and Accounting is appropriately integrated with other functions of your business
  2. Optimize working capital – cash, assets and inventory.
  3. Optimize your use of budgeting, sales targets, long term forecasting and productivity measurements.
  4. Build an effective financial management strategy so that you have the resources to focus on your real mission.

We provide the following financial services:

  1. Financial Management Review – Review of both automated and manual processes to improve effectiveness, timeliness and accuracy of accounting and financial reporting.
  2. Finance operation control and Efficiency-To implement the improvements we have uncovered through the Financial Management review.
  3. ERP Optimization – Is your ERP system investment giving you the information you need to manage your business and prepare for the future? We can help you get more out of your ERP investment in the areas of accounting and financial reporting, budgeting, long-term financial planning, sales reporting, cash management and capital investment analysis.