Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement Consulting and Seminar Services

A necessary day-to-day activity for your business

The alignment of your continuous improvement efforts must sync with company goals and objectives which will improve your results. Implementation is set up using a team based approach that insures employees take ownership in the change and receive recognition for the results. The type of team selected is customized based on your management philosophy and culture.

  1. Process Teams: Responsible for results of process
  2. Fast Teams: Focused Action Solution Teams & Rapid implementation
  3. Improvement Teams: Used to implement ideas
  4. Cross Functional Teams: Members from across departmental lines

Continuous Improvement isn’t just a program, it’s a way of life. Many of the businesses we work with have tried to implement their own continuous improvement programs in the past with mixed results. Our consultants do not use all the latest buzz words, they use all the latest proven tools and techniques to get you timely results.

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A few of the possible improvements you can implement using our continuous improvement program.

  1. Improve stock on hand accuracy
  2. Reduce setup times
  3. Improve forecasting
  4. Reduce lead-times
  5. Improved supplier performance
  6. Improve scrap reporting
  7. Reduce freight cost

Continuous Improvement Flow Chart GraphicPlan

  • Select the opportunity
  • Establish the expected results
  • Collect data
  • Develop implementation plan
  • Obtain approval


  • Provide required training
  • Implement pilot test or full implementation
  • Monitor results
  • Collect data on affects of change


  • Review results of implementation
  • Compare to expectations


  • Make changes if required
  • Or apply to similar processes
    or products
  • Start process over