Business Process Review

Business Process Review Seminar and Consulting Services

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Following your first meeting you’ll analyze the processes identified within the scope of your review. The analysis will include utilization and integration of existing software along with your employees skills. Next you’ll conduct a gap analysis of your findings to your strategic plan. Based on the review and gap analysis you’ll then document the findings in a detailed report and conduct a review of the meeting with management and set new priorities.

The final step is implementation, we offer our trademark Rapid Operational Implementation™ program. Timetables for implementation are reviewed against available resources and an implementation plan is developed for you. You can hit the ground running using our proven implementation techniques. When you use our Rapid Operational Improvement program implementation takes no longer than 12 weeks depending on the number of opportunities selected and the complexity of your program.

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Do you need a Business Process Review?

  1. Do you have shrinking margins
  2. Are customers demanding shorted lead-times
  3. Is there more competition
  4. Do employees say “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it”
  5. Do employees say “It has worked for 10 years”
  6. Are employees busy but not getting results
  7. Your MRP system is under utilized
  8. It takes too long to process and ship orders
  9. You need timely- accurate data
  10. You need to align your business with strategic objectives

Business Process Review Flow ChartMeeting

Business Process Review begins with a meeting with upper management where the company strategic goals and objectives are understood


Based on priorities established from the management meeting key processes are analyzed and measured against their ability to meet company goals and objectives. Tactics such as Gap Analysis are used in the process.


The strategic alignment of the processes is reviewed, a report is developed and presented to management. Misalignment of process capabilities against strategic goals are presented as opportunities to the management team.


The management team prioritizes the opportunities and establishes expected time lines.

Resource Availability

A draft implementation plan is prepared based on the expected timelines. A review of available resources is made and adjustments to the plan made as required.


Working with the resources assigned to each opportunity the implementation plans are executed. During implementation the management team is kept appraised of the status of all projects.