Additional Topics

Additional Business Seminar and Consulting Topics available from The PIM Group

Strategic Planning

Our approach is logical, successful and organized. You get to work directly on the development of your plan using the templates we provide. You will also be provided with the tools and techniques needed to insure a successful implementation. There is also an option for follow up support to insure your plan continues to improve and most importantly stays implemented. Learn more about our Strategic Planning program.

Rapid Operational Improvement

The Rapid Operational Improvement™ program has been designed to align customized business processes with your strategic plan. You’ll accomplish this through the business process review phase, during which we’ll get to know your strategic plans, goals, and objectives. PLUS we’ll analyze your current methods, processes, procedures, company structure, culture and employee skill sets currently in place. Learn more about our Rapid Operational Improvement program.

Business Process Review

The PIM Group’s expert staff has extensive experience in analyzing business processes. You start with a management meeting where we review your strategic plan, goals and objectives, then define the scope of your review. Learn more about our Business Process Review Program.

Continuous Improvement

The alignment of your continuous improvement efforts with company goals and objectives improves results. Implementation using a team approach insures employees take ownership of the change and receive recognition for the results. The type of team selected is customized based on your management philosophy and culture. Learn more about our Continuous Improvement program.

Supplier Performance

In today’s business environment many partnerships currently in place are one-sided. These kinds of arrangements do not get effective long-term results. Many suppliers are bullied into participating in such programs. Our consultants will help you to develop and implement a program that suppliers will want to participate in. Learn more about the PIM Group’s Supplier Performance program.