Client Testimonials

PIM Group Client Testimonials

ARB – Process Optimization and MRP

“We have used the services of The PIM Group on numerous projects for over 5 years. We utilize their services to streamline operations and improve our utilization of our MRP system. Our utilization of the MRP system has increased by over 25 percent! During that time our business has experienced tremendous growth.”

Lindsay – Cycle Counting

“We contracted The PIM Group to improve our Cycle Count Program. Although we had a Cycle Count program in place we were not getting the results we needed. The PIM group worked with us and recommended changes to our selection criteria and our cause codes. After we make the changes they recommended our results improved by more than 20 Percent.

Lindsay – Inventory Reduction – KanBan System

“We had implemented a KanBan system for some of our Make items on our own with limited success. Utilizing the resources of The PIM Group we were able to modify and expand our KanBan system to include 10 times the number of make items with greater success. Additionally they developed a KanBan system for our buy parts as well. We were able to average over 20 turns on parts that were on the KanBan system compared to all other parts that averaged about 7 turns” in less than 12 months.

SCFM Conpression Systems

“With the rapid growth of our business we decided to bring in The PIM Group to work with us in the area of Process Optimization. Together we evaluated our current processes and together developed processes that were more optimized for our size business. The processes also took full advantage of our newly implemented MRP system. We are very pleased with the results and would recommend you use them.”

Die Cut Technologies

“We have used the services of The PIM Group off and on for over 10 years. Initially they were brought in for the MRP system. Our most recent project involved improving our scheduling and capacity planning. After our first session we were able to apply techniques learned the very next day. These changes greatly improved our visibility of the status of jobs in production. The PIM Group always delivers what they say. We look forward to using their services on projects over the next 10 years as well.”


“Our business has grown over 200 percent in the past 5 years. The PIM Group has assisted us in our growth by helping us expanding our use of our MRP system. Additionally they have offered advice in the overall operations of the business that allows us to better prepare for the future.”

Barrier Systems

“We contracted The PIM Group to improve our Physical Inventory process. What they delivered was a very detailed phase schedule listing all the activities in the order they need to be accomplished. They also provided detailed instructions and training aids for all job assignments required to conduct the Physical. This greatly improved the overall process, organization and ultimately the results of our Physical Inventory.”

Performance Machine

“Over several years we have utilized The PIM Group to assist us in implementing changes in our organization. They have aided us in the implementation of a Physical Inventory program, Our MRP system as well as helping us optimize our ever changing business processes. We have been able to grow the business 10 fold during the time we have used their services. We highly recommend them.”


“During the implementation of our MRP system we realized we were not moving along in the direction or time frame we needed. We brought in The PIM Group and in a matter of just a few months were up and running. They were able to guide us in how to use the system in the best way for our business. The results were spectacular. We have continued to use their services for different improvement projects over the years and recommend you do as well.”